• Question: Why do we dream?

    Asked by 985dagk48 to Hugh, James, Katherine, Matt, Shannon on 8 Nov 2017. This question was also asked by 275dagk49, 552dagk23.
    • Photo: Hugh J. Byrne

      Hugh J. Byrne answered on 8 Nov 2017:

      I think there has been alot of study about this. As far as I know, it is to some extent a random firing of the neurons in the brain.

    • Photo: Katherine Benson

      Katherine Benson answered on 8 Nov 2017:

      We’re still not really sure why people dream. Maybe this is something you can answer if you decide to become a scientist! Some scientists think our dreams help us to sort out information we’ve gathered during the day and that it may play a role in deciding what we remember and what we forget.