• Question: What job did you have before u were a scientist

    Asked by Sean the beast😎 to Hugh, James, Katie, Matt, Shannon on 15 Nov 2017.
    • Photo: Katie Benson

      Katie Benson answered on 15 Nov 2017:

      The only career I ever really wanted was as a scientist! I did work part time in a book shop and in a pharmacy during college, however, to help pay the bills. I also teach piano in my spare time!

    • Photo: James Brown

      James Brown answered on 15 Nov 2017:

      i worked in college managing the fruit department in a big store. Made me really appreciate how much i really loved science and a job that is always challenging.

    • Photo: Hugh J. Byrne

      Hugh J. Byrne answered on 15 Nov 2017:

      Secret Agent! (joking)
      I only had odd jobs in the summer before I started working as a scientist

    • Photo: Shannon Fullbrook

      Shannon Fullbrook answered on 16 Nov 2017:

      I worked in Gamestop throughout my college degree to help pay the bills, it was super fun , but I had to quit when I started my PhD